Nicole Miller

           Nicole Miller 

         ~Building you from the ground up~ 


Welcome to Organic Skeleton where
an organic and multi–faceted 
approach is implemented to create
 stretch and workout programs that provide effective 
and efficient results.  

Organic Skeleton offers training with principles that 
focus on technique and alignment, recruitment of stabilizing muscles and efficient breathing. 
Training is available in small groups or individual sessions.

In addition, massage treatments will soon be available and or booked in 
combination with your training to create more effective results.

Pilates At The Lake 
Every Tuesday at 5:30pm

Bring your mat and check the FB page for any special equipment needed. We are located at the 2nd pavilion at St C’s beach.

$20 drop in or $15ea w bulk purchase.
(Weather permitting)

Pilates classes

Focused, individualized and effective

Private sessions are one of the most effective forms of programming on the planet.  Sessions are designed with your specific goals and limitations so that your workouts are safe and create motivation and positive results.  The private studio is fully equipped with Reformers and a cable tower, rehab training props, weights, medicine balls, jump boards and more.  The studio is geared with rehab equipment models that offer safe heights for injured clients to access safely.   

Packages are available with discounted pricing to allow clients the opportunity to build week to week and see their improvements.

Virtual Training

Built for you

A personal workout in the comfort of your own home.  Sessions can be done with or without equipment, on a mat or on a Reformer.  Designed to achieve your goals at your pace using visualization cues and instructor demonstration to keep you motivated.
Group class options may be available upon request.

HIIT Classes

Intensify connection

Classes incorporate Pilates and JOGA principles along with equipment and body-weight training using focused alignment and muscle 
 to achieve your heart rate & strength goals.  One thing is certain, you'll never be stuck with a mundane workout. We will start with the basics and intensify them with increased heart rate demands and stability challenges to ensure this workout keeps working for you!

Classes offer varying levels of difficulty for everyones needs.


Private Sessions

Intelligent movement

Put your core to the test and build strength using breathing techniques that help recruit deep core muscles and create strong postural alignment and balance.  Pilates classes are safe, controlled movements that assists with injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Great for all levels of fitness.

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